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Trunk or Treat at Hillcrest Orchard

This was my second year painting at this event and I was absolutely impressed by how much the event has grown! This year they offered carriage rides in addition to the trunk or treat area and the pumpkin patch. They also had a dance troupe give performances of the classic spooky routine from Michael Jackson's "Thriller." The turn out was huge, which was amazing considering that the original date was rained out and the event had to move to the next weekend.

The weather was perfect to start and conveniently, the super strong winds only started to pick up at the very end of the event. Two young ladies who were at the event with their sports team helped me hold down all of my supplies and, more importantly, my canopy, while I gave their friends henna tattoos. And, since they were so helpful, I offered them free hennas and some unicorn horns :)

I'm looking forward to seeing how much Trunk or Treat at Hillcrest Orchard grows by next year!

Photo creditL Hillcrest Orchard Facebook page*F

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