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Painting at Yreka Art Hops with Skin Wars cast!

While I've been a face painter for the better part of a decade, I've only in the last year extended my canvas to the entire body. I was inspired when Awake Cafe and Gallery in Ashland, Oregon wanted to host a live art model for their grand opening. I had never body painted prior and decided my first step would be to binge-watch all three seasons of Skin Wars. I was mesmerized!

Flash forward not even 6 months from my first body painting experience and I got a notification on Facebook about an event featuring the prolific artists Craig Tracy, Alison Kenyon, Natalie Fletcher, and Rich Diltz. I thought it'd be a long shot to be accepted into the event, but after a quick call and sending over pictures of my work, I was in!

I had a ton of fun and it was an incredibly experience to be involved in this event alongside such talented professional body artists.

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